Our Mortgage Advisers

Here at Quantum Financial Advisers, we are professional mortgage brokers servicing Northland, from Whangarei to Kaitaia and all adjacent areas. It is our job to understand the mortgage market and both inform you and provide you with independent mortgage advice about all the available financial planning options that may suit your requirements.  Quantum Financial Advisers can provide for your personal and commercial insurance requirements as well.

Many of our financial advisers at Quantum have been self-employed within the financial planning, insurance advice, personal financial planning and retirement planning industries. So we understand the juggling act it sometimes takes to keep your head above water when you are in business, and the relief it can be to have a no obligation discussion with a professional mortgage broker who can assist.

Whether its residential mortgages, rural mortgages or commercial mortgage finances we have it all covered.

Our mortgage brokers and financial advisers can provide you with any finance or mortgage related services you may need, including the following:

  • Freeing up equity for your business finances.
  • Buying and financing investment properties.
  • Saving you time by organising your overall financial planning and mortgages.


Do you need to refinance? Talk to our mortgage advisers today.

Do you need to refinance your mortgage? Talk to our mortgage advisers today.

In most cases refinancing a mortgage is available to anyone as long as you have kept up with your mortgage repayments and your property is valued at more than what you owe. At Quantum Financial Advisers we have access to a financial mortgage lender that does not charge mortgage refinance fees and pays for your legal costs too in most cases! Talk to us today about the independent mortgage advice we offer all our clients.

Our professional team of mortgage advisers’ job is to understand the mortgage market and know about the latest mortgage products and inform you about all the available options that best suit your personal or commercial mortgage planning requirements. Quantum Financial Advisers can investigate whether it’s in your interest to look at complete or partial mortgage refinancing, staying where you are, or working on a new financial solution.

If you would like more information on debt consolidation, refinancing your mortgage or a review of your current financial situation, contact our team of professional mortgage advisers today!

We offer mortgage options!

Quantum Financial Advisers offer a professional mortgage advice service and we think outside the square to ensure your mortgage needs are met. As well as working with our traditional mortgage lenders, we have a range of mortgage lenders that can help with Mop-Up loans, Low-Doc Loans and Non-Conforming Loans.

Want to know more? Are you in business? Do you need finance for a new development or construction or do you simply want to purchase your own premises? Check out our commercial finance loans information – click here!